Green Smoothies

GREEN SMOOTHIES are the staple of my family’s diet.  We drink them for lunch and dinner, and supplement with other good, whole foods when we’re still hungry.  But to ensure that our bodies get all the nutrients we really need, we never go a day without a full blender of greens and fruits.  Here’s a general recipe that you can modify to your tastes:

Fill your blender with fresh, uncooked, dark, loose, leafy greens.  The best greens are kale, collards, chard, spinach, mustard or turnip greens.  Any greens will do, but those pack the most nutrient power possible.  Fill the blender halfway with pure water, and blend until smooth.  Add one tablespoon of ground flaxseed meal (for your omega-3 fats), and blend again.  Add two or three ripe bananas, blend.  And finally, finish with whatever fruit you like.  Berries are an excellent choice for their antioxidant properties, but any fruit you like will do.  I prefer to use a 12-16 oz bag of frozen fruit – just fruit, no sugar or syrup or anything added.  It’s easy and convenient, and it precludes the need to add ice to your smoothie and water it down.

And that’s it!  Try adding the ingredients in different amounts to see what works best for your body.  The number one best thing any of us can do for our health each day, if we do NOTHING else, is consume a green smoothie.  To your health!!!


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